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You're a high achiever. You are a professional. You seem like you "got it all together."

But you know deep down a different story.

You feel lonely, depressed, or anxious.
You feel overwhelmed or stressed.
You feel burned out and your work has been slipping.
Your partner has noticed changes in you, and you haven't been reaching out to your friends.

You don't have to feel this way.

How about reclaiming your sense of power and purpose?

How about reaching deep inside and listening to that "still small voice" that has been crowded out by your t0-do list?

How about reestablishing connection with your spouse, your career, your calling?

I help folks shine a light on their wholeness--that inner knowledge that you are complete and strong. 

I help you with skills to be more present in your life, become more aware and mindful, so life isn't just passing you by.

Ready to Listen in, Root and Grow?

Image by Jeremy Bishop
Struggling to keep it all together?
Online Therapy

Online therapy is the same as in-office therapy, just brought to you in the comfort of your own home and flexibility of your schedule. Many people work during the day and can't make a 12 noon appointment across town or have inconsistent schedules that prove difficult to accommodate with an in-office model. 




I can see you during your lunch hour or between kids' extracurricular activities or when the baby is napping. It makes it so much easier to fit in self-care in your busy day.




Online therapy is not appropriate for those who have current or past suicidal ideation, self-harm, or serious psychiatric conditions. 


Do you offer couples, family or child therapy?

I am currently accepting adults for individual therapy at the moment. If you're unsure if I am the right fit for you, feel free to call and I'd be happy to discuss what your needs are and if necessary refer you to a fellow trusted therapist that can help you.

What do I need for online therapy?

You need access to wifi and a safe and quiet place to do therapy with me. Ideally the place you choose will offer confidentiality so you aren't worried about people "overhearing" our session. I encourage clients to use a computer or a large tablet, rather than a smartphone, for our sessions, as this makes it easier to see each other's expressions.

what do you charge?

Individual therapy sessions range from $115 for 30 min, $175 for 60min and $225 for intake. 

My coaching, consulting and spiritual direction fees vary. Reach out to me with questions!

More questions? Reach out for a free 20 minute connection call. 
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