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Burned Out and Stressed?

Are you stuck
in the same patterns in life, relationships, career, and need a change?
Are you searching
for a way
to move from burnout to resiliency, from stagnation to power and purpose?
Let's be real.



It can be a serious struggle being a professional helper and healer. You may offer your support to others, but this often causes you to sideline your needs

Stoking resiliency and firing up

your motivation is my jam.

By providing a safe space, offering strategies and support, encouragement and non-judgmental feedback, I have your back.

By offering a mind-body-spirit approach, I help you lean into your wholeness and learn to trust that it is your greatest asset.


With my help, you can expect to listen in to your still small voice that knows your strength and honors your inner truth.

I'm a professional caregiver too. I know what burnout looks like.


It isn't pretty.


From a young age growing up in a family full of medical professionals, I received an early education in what hard work and sacrifices to a call like medicine can be like. I saw what challenges physicians faced, the swift adaptations needed in a quickly changing field, and the need to adjust expectations and sideline personal needs in order to reach professional goals. I inherited hard work and dedication to serving others.


I knew giving back was in my blood. 

So I went to school and pursued a career in psychology.

Through a 15-plus year career, there's little I haven't seen, whether working with persons in the justice system, to supporting women in ministry, to offering groups for older adults in recovery, to conducting seminars on all types of subjects, from mindful parenting to mindfulness meditation for wellness.

It wasn't until after I felt the strain of suffering painful personal losses, strugging with early motherhood, raising three children, and learning to balance life as a mother, wife, and clinician, that things had to change quickly or severe burnout was in the cards.

I embarked on my own mind-body-soul quest, and through years of depth work I centered down into my wholeness, stripped away the layers that kept me from my authentic self, and emerged--albeit bruised, yet transformed, on the other side.

Having been witness to how pain and loss can provide a wealth of potential for inner growth, I knew that offering healing space to nurture this awareness of other healers was my call. 





Through Rooted Growth Counseling, and its sister coaching and spritual direction practice, Root Grow Thrive, I support others on this path that I have walked myself and have witnessed countless times--that innate, core-borne desire for whole-hearted wellness.

Healing is possible. The change you seek is a journey that is more than worth taking.

What I've learned through these years is that we are more same than different, that we all yearn for connection, and we all have in us the tools for inner growth and transformation.

Sometimes, we just need some help getting there!

Rooted Growth was born.

Skills and Tools You Can Use

I take seriously my continuing education and commit myself to being the best clinician I can be. I integrate my skills and gifts, adapting to your specific needs and goals.
I offer proven techniques such as Mindfulness Therapy and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, and also integrate somatic, or body-centered and creative therapies in my quest to help you heal. (If you want a more thorough rundown on my education and clinical experience, click here.)
Through years of credentials, degrees, continuing education, and endless hours of experience, I can distill it down to this: 

I dedicate myself to honesty, integrity, and humility in my practice, whether it be through coaching, therapy, spiritual direction, group work, retreats, or other offerings. 
I am here to serve you on YOUR unique journey, twists and turns it may have, to help you root, grow and thrive! 
Are you ready?

Professional Education

Bachelors of Science in Psychology,

Magna Cum Laude, Psi Chi, Phi Beta Kappa

Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology, Summa Cum Laude 

Haden Institute, Jungian-based Spiritual Direction, 2020

Licensed Professional Counselor, PA, PC004602

Brief List of Examples of Professional Trainings/Certifications/Memberships:

Trained in Somatic and Somatosensory Therapies and Trauma Informed Yoga (Arizona Trauma Institute)

Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist

Mindfulness-Based Therapy (including Cognitive,

Stress-Relief, Parenting, and Insomnia)

Trained in EFT/tapping

Enneagram Institute, professional member

Dreamwork practitioner

BFRB-trained professional

Maternal mental health practitioner

Sleep and parenting coach

LGBTQIA-informed/allied practitioner

Telemental Health, Zur Institute

Clinical Group Psychotherapist


I affirm the dignity and sacred nature of all people. My therapy is informed with sensitivity to the LGBTQIA+ community, and as an ally I offer experienced and empathetic support for those struggling with issues related to gender identity, sexuality or sexual orientation.

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