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You give,

give give: 

It's time

for you!

Welcome Home

You know you are worth it

but are stuck and need a space to breathe.

You are a helper at heart but have lost yourself

in the process of giving to others.

It is time for a change!

Curl up in your favorite chair,

grab your cozy blanket and slippers

and get ready for some much needed self-care time in the comfort of your own home, on your own time.


I provide confidential online therapy in PA

and spiritual companioning worldwide

for the "helpers"--moms, therapists, physicians, ministers, caretakers, healthcare workers--anyone

who has a calling to give back.

Your heart is BIG

but your cup needs filled too.

Embrace your wholeness and know your power--

let's fill that cup!

Are you a therapist, physician, nurse, or minister in need of support?

A "helper" myself, I know that compassion fatigue and burnout is REAL. It can show up in your relationships,
your job, impact self-esteem, and even cause depression and anxiety. I am passionate about "setting the table" for your growth and transformation. I offer a safe space for genuine empathetic and honest engagement
so you can get your life back on track and thrive once more!

Wild Path
Calm Sea


I work collaboratively with you as we identify roadblocks to your personal growth, increase self-awareness and self-compassion, and strengthen emotional skills to manage stressors. With over fifteen years experience working in mental health, I have been witness to countless healing journeys. I meet you where you are and assist you as you move towards inner transformation.

Spiritual Companioning

I draw on a lifetime of spiritual practice, both in and outside of a faith community, and have training in Jungian mystical tradition via the Haden Institute. I utilize skills and gifts to help you move towards a deeper connection to self and your conception of the Divine. With deep respect of all seekers regardless of faith background, I am honored to work with anyone who is called to explore their unique spiritual journey.

Training and Education

I offer retreats and trainings for individuals and groups such as Mindfulness and Contemplative Practices, Creative Spirituality for Wellness, Use of Dreams for Spiritual and Psychological Insight, Conscious Parenting workshops, and others.

Over the years I noticed in my professional and personal life how helpers and healers often do not have the safe, confidential and professional support they need to thrive in their lives and careers. I created Rooted Growth to provide skilled and empathetic support and personalized services based in a mind-body-spirit model of growth, development, and transformation.

Open and Affirming

I affirm the dignity and sacred nature of all people. My therapy is informed with sensitivity to the LGBTQIA+ community, and as an ally I offer experienced and empathetic support for those struggling with issues related to gender identity, sexuality or sexual orientation.

About Me

I heard the call to be a "helper" when I was very young--I knew from a deep, authentic place that I was meant to journey with others. What that looked like has changed through the years, whether it was providing group therapy for seniors in recovery, to helping couples go through the the grief of divorce, to supporting individuals who have chosen to leave a toxic church environment. Through the years I have been honored to be a witness to the growth and transformation of individuals seeking wholeness and health. 


My philosophy for therapy is collaborative and strength-based, with a strong mind-body-spirit approach. I have a strong belief that we have everything we need to live an authentic, soulful life--it just takes a bit of time and energy to uncover what that looks like. 


I live in PA Dutch country, am a mom of three active kiddos--carpool and homework a big part of my life!--and love to shop our local farmer's markets for produce to cook my family. I love writing as well--you can see some of my work at www.thesacreddeep.com.

Professional Education

BS in Psychology, Magna Cum Laude, Psi Chi, Phi Beta Kappa

MA in Clinical Psychology, Summa Cum Laude 

Haden Institute, Jungian-based Spiritual Direction, 2020

Licensed Professional Counselor, PA, PC004602

Examples of Professional Trainings/Certifications include:

Telemental Health, Zur Institute 2019

Clinical Group Psychotherapist

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Mindfulness-Based Therapies (including Cognitive,

Stress-Relief, Parenting, and Insomnia)

Somatic-Based Therapy and EFT/tapping