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Spiritual Direction

Companioning on the Journey

Looking for connection with the Divine but having trouble doing this on your own?

Feeling lonely, disenchanted, or disconnected and not sure why?

Yearning to talk to someone about your spiritual life?

Are you a ministry professional in need of a supportive mirror to your call?

With years of experience companioning folks on all stages of the journey, I know and understand how tuning into the Divine can be transformational.

Individual Spiritual Direction

I help Seekers understand that asking questions is part of the journey.

Whether safely on Zoom or in person, I provide sacred space to help process wonderings, to understand curiosities, and to be present to the Divine.

I provide support on the spiritual path, companioning in the model of Anam Cara--"soul friend."

Group Spiritual Direction

I provide group spiritual direction, providing a safe space for groups to gather, be present with themselves and listen in to the Sacred.

I support groups in processing their wonderings and offer openness to Presence.

I offer online and in person spiritual direction.

Spiritual Direction is not intended as therapy, counseling, psychotherapy, or mental health services. It is not intended as professional advice. Spiritual direction is not a recognized, approved, and regulated medical, mental or psychotherapeutic treatment. It is a method to increase self-awareness of thoughts feelings and behaviors, and it is entirely voluntary to participate.Spiritual direction, groups and spiritual coaching workshops are not for everyone. Some individuals may find that issues discussed and the emotional content can be challenging and may influence any underlying mental or emotional issues such as depression or anxiety. It may be beneficial to discuss any of these issues if they arise if you are in the care of a therapist, counselor, or physician. You are aware you can stop or remove yourself from the session if you feel you need to do so, and you are welcome to address any issues that may arise with Allie, who can offer referrals if need be.