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Why vulnerability is strength

I remember my first speech class in college. I had to write a 3 minute speech on some topic which I felt confident about. I felt good about what I wrote, but when I stood in front of my peers, it was clear I was unprepared.


I froze. I stumbled through it, and red-faced, 3 minutes later, I sat down.

I was NOT a born public speaker.

It was a tough experience, and I felt kinda terrible, and my grade reflected it. In retrospect, it was because of that failed experience that I grew.

Remember Your Wins

Do you have memories of experiences like this? That you were put in a position of vulnerability, and you stumbled?

Brene Brown talks about vulnerability as strength. Her research proves what we know intuitively--that through tough stuff, we grow. When our brains are forced to try something new, we get new wiring. When we get new wiring we grow. When we feel exposed yet, somehow!, survive--we prove to ourselves our value and our ability to rise. It makes us resilient--the exact thing we need to prevent burnout.

Resiliency Kicks Burnout to the Curb

What are you doing to stretch your limits these days? How are you finding yourself challenged? In what ways can this make you stronger?

In Inner Strength,


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