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Why Online Therapy Is Awesome

So you’re considering going to therapy for issues that are arising in your life and you’re struggling a bit. You muster up the courage to research therapists and find that some offer Online Video therapy. You are intrigued—what is this new jam?

Online video therapy, or teletherpy, is the new wave of therapy. There are lots of benefits, including:

1. No battling traffic to get to your appointment!

2. Childcare is less of an issue—you can plan your sessions around the family schedule and even at your kiddos’ nap time.

3. Comfort of own home—we tend to be more relaxed in familiar enviroments, which can increase the benefit of therapy.

4. PJ pants! Yes, you can be as cozy as you want—yoga pants and old sweatshirts welcome here.

5. Ease—everthing is online—scheduling, email communication, HIPPA-secure video chat, payment and forms—all on a secure patient portal.

6. All you need is a safe and private place with your laptop or tablet and a WiFi connection,and you’re good to go!

If you’re interested in online therapy and want to learn more, I would be more than happy to chat. Feel free to contact me for a free consultation at

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