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What is the Enneagram? How can it help?

The Enneagram is an ancient wisdom system of personality that can be helpful for self-awareness and reflection. It is often used in spiritual circles today to encourage inner growth and spritual self-understanding.

How is it used?

When I use the Enneagram with clients, I meet them where they are at. Perhaps you are brand new and interested in learning about this wisdom tradition. Perhaps you are well versed, know your "number" and are interested in how going deeper with the Enneagram can be fruitful in your relationships and career.

How is it helpful?

What I do know in working personally and professionally with the Enneagram is that it is a system to help us understand our wholeness. I am strongly resistant to the "brokenness" model of mental health that is based on our medical model. There is nothing, in my experience, to "fix" when someone is struggling. We are tasked when we are faced with challenge to instead look at what will work to move us away from what isn't working and back into our healthiest and most resilient selves.

The Enneagram can be part of this process. It is simply a tool for personality self-reflection, so that we can learn more about our inner motivations (often based out of childhood painful past memories) that keep us stuck.

When we feel stuck, it can become a self-fulfilling prophesy. So when I choose instead to move into wholeness, I can reflect on my innate strengths, and muster those up, with help and support of course (and in mental health--sometimes that means therapy, meditation, and lots of hard work!).

How Do I Learn About the Enneagram?

Interested in the Enneagram? I offer Enneagram coaching sessions in my spiritual care practice, so head over here if that resonates with you and your goals. Enneagram coaching is not therapy in itself but can be incorporated in therapy for those practitioners like myself who are trained. A great place to start is the Enneagram Institute to learn more about this tool and how it can help with your own journey to self-discovery.

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