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Tips on Setting Boundaries

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

What I hear a lot from moms, caretakers, healthcare providers and other “helpers” is:

“I just can’t get away”

“My work just takes up all my time.”

”My family just needs me too much.”

”If I’m not there, no one else will do it.”

”I can’t fit in ‘me’ time.”

I also hear:

“I miss having a regular date night.”

”I don’t play with my kids like I used to.”

”I wish I had time to (write, draw, workout, etc)”

Taking control over how we spend our time requres us to prioritize...and that often means setting boundaries. As hard as this can be, we can reclaim our lives, prevent burnout, and become even better Helpers and Healers in the world.

Check out my latest video on how to start:

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