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The Rest You Need

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Rest is not just sleep or hanging out on the couch, zoning out on your phone or Netflix. It is multi-dimensional.

Think about it, when do you feel most "alive"? It usually is when you have gotten your "cup"filled-- your relationship perhaps is going well, or you get in a "flow" state with you child as you cook a meal together and lose track of time, or perhaps it is spending time outside, hiking and taking in nature.

Check out the diagram. What places in your life feel more "full" and which places are a bit more neglected? What can you do to change that?

Our lives, our relationships, our ability to be resilient is totally connected to the type and quantity of rest we give ourselves.

I often ask clients--are you treating yourself as you would treat your best friend?

If you're neglecting your rest, what can you do, what small step can you take, to remedy that today?

In wellness,


(Illustration by @shinetext on Instagram)

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