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The Path of Wholeness

The labyrinth. Walking meditation. One of the most powerful symbols of the embodied journey towards mind-body-spirit wellness.

When we embody our journey, physically, our traumas lose their grip.

What is embodiment?

When we are chronically stressed, or have lingering traumas, our bodies are the holders of those thoughts, feelings and sensations. This means we learn how our bodies become bearers of our stories, and when we learn to honor our past, and learn a new way forward, we can be at once and forever calmly and honorably home in our bodies.

How do we learn a new way forward? We learn to re-learn our memories, we learn that our fears do not have a hold on us anymore We learn about freedom. And with practice, our ability put one step in front of the other strengthens.

Despite what the world may say, you are whole.

You are not broken.

The path is rocky. It offers discomfort and pain.

Alongside, it also offers lessons and growth.

When we choose mindful self-awareness, we choose the path of wholeness.

Not the path TO wholeness.

The path OF wholeness.

May 2021 be the year you choose the knowledge that you are whole, not broken, and fully loved and loveable.


Full stop.

In wellness,


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