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Take a Walk with Me!

When was the last time you took a walk in the woods?

I think of walking outside, especially hiking, as fostering relationship.

We don’t let our friends hanging when they send a text to get together. We don’t forget our partner’s birthday or kid’s recital.

Yet we forget often to foster our relationship with ourselves.

What lights your fire, inside? What fills your cup when you’re drained? What is it that whispers to you, when you dare listen, and brings you closer to a sense of wholeness and completeness?

For me, it’s walking in the woods. For you, it could be listening to music, dancing, writing a poem, doing puzzles, creating a collage, organizing drawers, or cooking. Do you give yourself the gift of time to explore what lights your fire?

What we do know is that burnout is real, it's growing, and for caregivers, is an epidemic. That ol' cliche--to put your oxygen mask on before turning and doing the same for someone else--it is counterintuitive for helpers.

Many times we were born into this world with this deep, ingrained knowledge that we are meant to give of ourselves. Women especially--we are given messages at an early age that to foster relationship, we must lose ourselves. To give of ourselves and ignore our own needs is a rite of passage for most teenage girls, even in these days of Lizzo and #meetoo.

So what is it, that is burning inside you?

What are you longing for--YOU, independent of your role, your career, your family.

Look inside at that true self, and notice what she's saying.

Are you willing to listen?

Brave on,


PS. wanna join me on a walk? Check out some of my videos :)

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