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Kick those negative thoughts to the curb!

”I’m not worthy”

”I’m not good enough”

”No one can help me”

”I won‘t ever get my needs met”

”I’m unloveable”

These aren’t just negative thougts, these are often deeper Core Beliefs that in turn create some seriously negative thought patterns in our lives.

For instance, if you think “I am unloveable,” then you’ll create a self-fulfilling prophesy: “I won’t ever meet someone” or “I am worthless” or “I can’t be in a relationship” or “I am not fixable”—which in turn make you feel helpless, hopeless, sad, angry, stressed, etc.

Your body reacts with increased cortisol release—heart beating fast, sweaty palms, slowed digestion—and suddenly you’re in “fight, flight or freeze.” And when we’re in fight, flight and freeze, we lose the ability to change our thoughts or make healthy and helpful decisions.

We remain stuck.

Ready to get unstuck? Some tips HERE on noticing and managing your negative core beliefs.

You are worth it, you are strong, precious and able.

Rise and thrive,


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