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Is Melatonin the Answer to Sleep Problems?

Are you tired and exhausted? You’re not alone!

Melatonin can be helpful but is often very misunderstood (and often overused).

Some facts:

melatonin doesn’t make you sleepy in the way you think it may

studies show it makes you sleep on average 8 min longer

—it helps you fall asleep about 7 min faster on average

—melatonin is very effectively used for short term adaptation in disrupted sleep cycle (great for adjusting to new time zones!)

—the efficacy evidence and research on melatonin’s long-term use (and use with kiddos) continues to be spotty, and should be considered with caution and monitoring by a professional

behavioral interventions continue to be the first line treatment and most efficacious in treating sleep disruption or insomnia related to stress and burnout. (Check out mindfulness strategies for sleep, including body scans—they work!)

—established healthy sleep hygiene can feel difficult at first but by and large can be more effective in the long term (and potentially safer) than pharmacologic interventions for sleep disruptions due to stress, anxiety and depression.

There are lots of reasons why sleep can be elusive. The best bet if you are struggling with sleep is to work with a therapist, physican or sleep specialist.

Be well,


PS- Click here for some sleep hygiene tips you can use today!

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