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Healers and Burnout

This episode was sooo fun!

I promise if you’re a caregiver— mama, therapist, holistic practitioner, parent, teacher—you’re gonna want to give it a listen. Part 1 of 2!

Click HERE to listen to Healers and Burnout on the Mind Body Detox Podcast with Kara Lovehart.

If you’re a caregiver—you know that having good boundaries is important but how do we do this when we’re feeling burned out, deep in your soul?

We talked about burnout recovery, how it relates to trauma and caregiving fatigue, and what’s helpful when setting up those boundaries and being as resilient as we can be in this tough world out there.

Kara offers so much wisdom for those in the integrative and holistic health fields, and provides a sense of professionalism and dedication that is both impressive and honorable. It was a blessing to be included!

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