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The Problem with Waiting to Get Therapy When You Need It

Statistics show that it takes about ten years before people who need therapy actually seek help.

Ten years.

Ten years before getting help. Ten years of attempting to cope. Ten years of potential suffering. We may have anxiety, stress, depression, relationship problems, and feel shame, guilt, or lack of motivation to get those issues addressed.

We are social beings. We need each other, to connect with each other, remind us who we are, why we need to keep trying when things are challenging.

When we have connections with others, we feel less alone, and we feel more motivated to seek the assistance we may need to help our anxiety, our stress level, or our depression. When our relationships become strained, whether with a partner or spouse, or with family members or children, we are more apt to reach out.

When things are challenging in life, who or what do you think about?

Who motivates you to maintain your wellness? Is it family, is it a friend, or pets? Perhaps a teacher, a coach. We have people around you who care about your health and wellness.

When we wait to seek the assistance we need, our loved ones are affected, our career can suffer, and our friendships may falter.

We are not meant to do life alone. Grit and courage include vulnerability and self-compassion. Don't suffer alone. Help is out there.

In health and wellness,


PS. Reach out if you're feeling overwhelmed and need help. If you or someone you know needs immediate help, call 1-800-273-8255.

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