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Finding the Perfect Therapist for You

Therapists come in all shapes and sizes, so finding the right fit for you may take a bit of time and effort. A great place to start is to ask yourself, what are your goals? What result are you searching for? If you want improved relationships, you'll want to start looking for a marriage and family therapist. If you want a career change, perhaps you'll want a career coach. If you desire burnout recovery and resiliency support--you'll want someone like me who is trained in those areas.

Search Engines for Therapists

One place to start is to look at Psychology Today or another similar listing of therapists. You can filter therapists based on the above criteria and learn more about what therapists are out there for you. Online therapists like me can be even more accessible, so if you're open to virtual sessions, there may be more availability than those who are in your immediate zip code area.


Check out their credentials. I always recommend licensed therapists--look at their profile and you can scroll down to see their license. You can also search for their license if you Google "(therapist) license in (my state)".

Who are they?

Next, check out their professional online presence, and therapists are no different. Many have professional websites, blogs, even Instagrams and TicTocs. When you look at your potential therapist's online presence, what strikes you? Are they warm and engaging, informative and challenging? See what type of therapist feels motivating and encouraging and safe for you nd trust that instinct.

Free Consult?

Most therapists offer some kind of free consultation. I offer 30 minute zoom consultations, where you can ask me anything you may want to know about how I work and help folks, and we can get to know if I'm the best fit for you. In that consult, you can gauge your feeling and sense with the therapist, as well as I encourage folks to make sure you're asking all the questions you may need to be answered before you start. You may want to write these down beforehand so you are certain not to miss something you'd want to ask.

Take the Leap!

Finally, give it a chance. Sometimes therapy can feel scary, and awkward, at first. I always encourage folks to give it several sessions before they decide that their therapist isn't right for them (unless of course there are any serious red flags or unethical behavior, of course!). It may take a few sessions with someone new to feel comfortable, or to open up. Trust the process, and if they are indeed trained, certified and licensed, they have been through this countless times, so be honest about how you're feeling. It may surprise you how common it is.

Therapy is absolutely awesome, and transformative, if you give it a chance and pick the right provider for you. Make the time and effort and it could be the best decision you've ever made--moving you into your health and wholeness!

In wellness,


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