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Challenge Those Negative Thoughts!

We are often caught up in our negative thinking. "They don't love me." "I'm unloveable" "I won't ever get it right." or "They aren't ever going to meet my needs, so I should give up."

When we are caught in negative thought patterns, it is often based out of one--and only one--feeling--Fear.

When you think--"I'm unloveable"--what is the basic fear behind that? Perhaps it is that I will be alone.

Or-- I am alone.

What a scary thought!

When we are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and sad, we often are living out of a script in our head that was based out of long-standing messages. We can change those scripts--we just have to be conscious of them first.

So--challenge the thought that causes that fear response.

Am I really alone?

Of course not. Even if you live alone, even if you have no friends--which I doubt is the case!--you are not completely alone. There are people in your life--even if it is "just" the postal worker you see every day deliver your Amazon packages. Or your friend that you comment with on their Instagram page.

We often believe our thoughts, well before we challenge them. Perhaps today we can switch the script, and start realizing that you don't need to listen to every thought--especially every negative thought!

Our brains are meant to serve us, not to trip us up.

How will you challenge your negative thoughts today?

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