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What is diaphragmatic breathing?

It is a complicated words for belly breathing.

Remember how babies breathe? Or your favorite pet? Watch them. They don't chest-breathe like us. They use their entire belly like a little bellow--in like a balloon, expanding, and then out.

We forget how to breathe with our full bellies. Somehow along the line, anxiety and mental energy takes over and all of a sudden we are shallow-breathing in our chests, which restricts our ability to relax. When we breathe with our diaphragm, that muscle that lies beneath our lungs like a parachute, we then tell our brains--"slow down, all is well, no worry or anxiety here, no danger."

This is the relaxation response.

When we engage our bellies in our breath, we are showing ourselves that though we may feel worry or anxiety or fear or anger or frustration or sadness, that we can cope with it, we are strong, and we are worthy.

Are you ready to deep belly breathe today?

Click here!

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