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Are you creative?

When you hear the word "creativity," what does that trigger in you? Images of Picasso, paintbrush in hand and scowl on face? A table full of art supplies? A child at a pottery wheel?

Does the image or thought include YOU??

Creativity is in all of us. It includes even YOU!

I hear the refrain "But I can't draw!" or "That's silly!" or "There's better things to do than/I'm too sick/tired/stressed/I don't like to draw/write/paint/create."...on and on they go....

I thank you for your thoughts (yes, thank you, thoughts!), and on another day I suppose we can examine them more closely--but today, let's just pretend that you BELIEVE that you're creative--how does that change things?

Does that mean you allow yourself to linger at the pen aisle and pick out ones that truly (as Marie Kondo says) "spark joy"?? Does that mean that you stop when the dishes are calling and instead sit down and ask your child to explain their latest painting to you--or pick up a crayon yourself? Does that mean that you actually use that stationary that has been collecting dust and write a longhand note to a friend?

One cool thing about creativity is that it is ALWAYS THERE, ready to be unleashed. It may be shy at first, but it is there.

Another cool thing about creativity is that it has a RIPPLE EFFECT throughout your life. When we allow our minds to rest in a creative pursuit, we open ourselves to new possibilities. A common example we all have is having "aha" moments in the shower--we funny humans need space for our minds and souls to breathe--and intentionality--in order to have the ability to move through mental roadblocks or challenges in our lives.

So be intentional, today. Grab a handful of LEGOs and let your imagination run wild for 10 minutes. Try a different way to get to work--without Waze! Or snatch up an adult coloring book from Amazon--some of them are hilarious!

You may notice if you start moving in creative pursuits, your life will open up to beauty, healing, success, peace.

Open up with me!

Blessings, Allie

ps. A fabulous resource for "recovering creatives" is Julia Cameron's work through The Artist's Way:

pps. Share below what you did today to nurture your creative spirit!

Open yourself up to possibility

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