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3 Weird Resiliency Tips That Work

Burnout is a catch-word these days, especially for those of us in the healing and helping professions We want to prevent burnout and maintain resiliency in our careers and life, and often don't know we need help until we are at our wit's end.

Some tips are things we know we need to do to maintain resiliency--a good night's sleep, or eating right, or setting boundaries at work (hello, overtime, you are not my friend!) But what about some unique or uncommon ways to help us avoid emotional burnout?

  1. Forest bathing. This is more than just taking a walk or being in nature. The first time I took to the woods to practice forest bathing, I felt a little nuts, honestly. Who does this sort of thing? But after a few minutes of setting an intention and tuning my senses to my surroundings, pretty much everything else in life fell away. It is so simple and rejuvenating. You can read more about forest bathing here, or take a walk with me here

2. Bless yourself. You don't need to have any faith whatsoever to be kind and generous and compassionate to yourself. Take a moment and hold your hands upon your chest and take the time to bless yourself, as a holy person would. Really go all out--what blessings do you place on yourself? Some ways to bless yourself could be "I bless myself with resiliency and strength" or "I bless myself with openness and courage." How does that feel?

3. Be impulsive in your generosity. Tune in, right now, and ask yourself, if I were to give someone something they need, right now, what would that be? And go do it.

I'll wait. :)

The first time I did the last one, I didn't have anyone around me, so I immediately thought of my favorite charity and sent money within seconds. I carried that joy of connection and power for change with me the rest of the day.

Comment on my socials--did you do any of these? How did they go?

In wellness,


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