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3 Quick Stress Relief Strategies for Mental Health

Our mental wellness is less about thinking ourselves straight than moving and emboding our health. When our stress is overwhelming us, our bodies take a serious toll. It can cause sleep problems, affect anxiety and depression, increase relationship struggles, and cause physical health problems and make current ones worse.

When we are stressed, our cortisol in our brains tell our bodies to be on high alert. This system works--until it doesn't. If we are in stress response regularly, our ability to fight off disease and remain the resilient beings we are starts to be seriously impeded.

Some stress relief tips ahead--these are easy and simple ways to hack that stress cortisol system and get back to yourself.


We go throughout our days forgetting to check in with our bodies. Notice right now--where is tension? IN your neck, shoulders?

Try this:

Squeeze that area, tight, for a count of 5.

Then release.

Do it again, and release, letting go entirely of the tension.

Try this a few more times and notice how relaxation is as easy as squeeze--release.


What are you grateful for? This is the single best way to hack your negative thoughts and move away from stress response. What do you love? What is awesome in your life? Make this a regular practice.


Our breath is part of what is affected when we are in chronic stress response. Try this breath exercise:

Breathe in 4 counts.

Hold your breath for 4 counts.

Breathe out for 8 counts.

Hold for 4 counts.

When we choose to focus on the out-breath in this way, we get a chance to release and allow the parasympathetic nervous system to get back online--ie, reduce stress!

Love to hear if these work for you--or any other that may, comment below!

Reach out if you need extra help with your stress. You're not alone!

In wellness,


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